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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

At long last

It was so difficult waiting for many days to speak with someone.. Finally, it was over and time to get cracking on what we've missed out but I wasn't feeling too good.
I did get to chat on this bbm thing which I hate (can't wait to leave Africa to stop using it smh). I managed throughout the conversation. Good thing he didn't notice, otherwise he'd have been worried. Anyway, this someone is like a brother, known him from childhood... He is my best male friend and a wonderful Christian, someone I care so much for. He has challenged me so much in using the word and when I say I am sick, he says confess good health (lol.. Sometimes, I'm like 'do you think I want it? I am saying it to you because that's how it is'). It has been pretty difficult keeping up communication with him and his family (btw, we are family friends) due to distance. 
I am lying here due to this whole sinusitis thing again and I am so angry at everything right now. I wish to feel better. I have prayed and cried :( God help me is all I can say.


I will bask in Christ's strength.. Though I am weak, yet am I strong! Glory!!!


Thank you!