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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

So I was sick

I have had sinusitis for many years even then I didn't know what it was,that was aback in Africa. When I relocated to England, I got confirmed to be a sinusitis patient. Oh well, I thought, I knew I would get over it. Then the nose bleed started and I knew this had got serious. Did I panic? No, I don't remember doing that, I knew I prayed and prayed. 
It got better and better and better. Every winter previously, I suffered severe nasal problems, inability to breathe and I began snoring when sleeping, this wasn't good. I kicked off on some marathon prayers boy, and I got better and better every year.

While visiting Africa this year, the devil tried to show up again with the same thing. Just the way it started couple of years back about eight or nine years ago, it came back. Severe headaches, inability to breathe... I kept up with my nasal spray treatment but that didn't help. Snoring got back and I was like 'oh no'. I began praying and praying, it got me dizzy and weak well, I prayed that out too. I am back facing the sinuses but what I got to tell you is I AM HEALED! I may still have some bits here and there but I do not have the nose bleeds any more. It has got a whole lot better than few years back. I can only say, I am a product of prayer. AMEN


Thank you!