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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Change of Blog

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New and Parallel

Lately, I've been busy and unable to post anything to the blog after my birthday. We had the disability Sunday on 5th June and it was wonderful. God took over the service although we were not prepared.

I've been working on my second personal business and it's been hectic. I've attended events just to grab information about the industry. To be truthful I was a bit tom-boyish in the past but I'm becoming girlie because of the nature of the business. The good thing's I get to use my talent while working.

And now some credits to the King of all Kings. He has made all things well. Sometime ago I was faced with a difficult situation and this would have got me in more serious trouble than I thought but my Creator is awesome. God made the situation a stepping stone to success and I'm so grateful to him. Following this blog will be a short article on my new business, I'll place it under the Passion tab so you can read it.

Sometime last year, I applied to attend King's College London for my Masters program among others and to my surprise they did not wait for all the References to be complete before giving me an admission. The funny thing's my Supervisor at Uni really wished I get into KCL apparently, the head of department is her very good friend and she goes around Strand for coffee every friday. In her words, "We could hang out".. Lol. She made me laugh. Well, the good thing's I'm finally a postgrad student. Thanks be to God.

To cap this whole indefinite and parallel story: All this work together for those who love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. He proved that severally between May and Now. I love Jesus so much because he has my interest at heart and he would never disappoint me. Do you love him too because he first loved you?


Thank you!

A thought

Since yesterday I've been in the mood of prayer. On Sunday is Disability Sunday which we've changed to Faith-ability Sunday. We are believing God that he would perform miracles on that day for all those people as he did in the bible days.

I had a chat with a family friend who happens to be a Bishop. He gave a story of what he preached at a gathering in Aberdeen and this got to me. He preached about the Two women in the days of King Solomon who were friends and one rolled over her baby at night and it died. The idea about the women and the baby is that our talents or gifts are our babies. We should not be careless to sleep over them. We also need to recognise when it has been exchanged.
We need to identify our talents and pray to God for ways to improve it.

Well, just thought to share it. There's more stuff but this will do for now. Until my next post, remain blessed.


Thank you!

Yet another Year

I grew older yesterday with my friends around to celebrate and my Cousin as well. We had free bowling somewhere in Elephant and Castle and went to Nando's. Did I skip something?
Yes about my weekend and how it all came together.

One of my best friends, Israel Houghton and I

It was a joyous day on Saturday 28th. My friends and I attended the Big-Church-day-out event at Shoreham-by-sea. We spent quite a lot of money that day but thank God a friend paid for my ticket (Thank you very much.. You are a darling).  It was fun filled getting to see Israel Houghton on stage, and the likes of Jahaziel (I'm not sure of the spelling). We couldn't have possibly missed it. Towards the end was amazing but we couldn't stay longer because we had to go to Birmingham the next day - We had a revival at Church and it was the turn of Birmingham church.

I arrived home from Shoreham 12am Sunday morning and hit the bed about thirty minutes later. I woke up 4am in order to get to Peckham for 7am where the coach to Birmingham leaves. I got a lift from my Uncle that morning about past 5 and got the train from East Croydon to London Bridge for 5:32. The end of this is that I got there early and we all went Birmingham. My return wasn't any better from the previous day. I arrived home about some minutes before 1am and my day was ruined. I had a headache. All birthday plans were cancelled (thank God it wasn't my birthday).

                     A quarter of my birthday cake on a friend's plate
On my birthday I did the usual thing- Thank God for a new year and a successful one at that. Got a call from friends and one from my beautiful Mother (she prayed for me -  how sweet?). Anyway, I went to Elephant and Castle with my Cousin that evening and we had fun at the Superbowl but their food was crap. The customer service was -3 and they use their hands to pick up the straw we were meant to drink with. It was disgusting and we all thought, well, these chips may have been spat on or something lol (that was worse, we stopped eating immediately). Saving all appetite for Nando's, we had almost 5 course meal I should think. Lots to eat. We shared a Platter which was a big meal already, then we had usual drinks but I had water and same as my friends. Then came Frozen yoghurt (Yes!) and Mango sorbet (lovely). The cake was beautiful and very delicious (not too sweet). It was amazing. We left Nando's about ten-ish and my Cousin and I didn't get home till about some minutes to midnight.
                                      My pretty cousin and I 
I got a handmade card from my Cousin and everyone at home but mostly made by my gorgeous Cousin, ru (that's what I call her sometimes). Then and Ikea gift card and a mirror (pretty and handy). We got home to meet my auntie and as usual she said "It was good you had a lovely day and for taking 'r' along but tomorrow you have to be up before 10 and you need to help. You need to do some ironing. I left you today because it's your birthday". Well, someone hears that and they'll think I do nothing at all in the house but that's my auntie for you. Whatever you do today is appreciated for some hours and afterwards you need to do more... lol bless her. I don't feel offended when she tells me to do stuff even if I was going to do it anyway, because I have no choice, I live here and I should do it.
Well, I'll be leaving here in a couple of months back to beautiful Docklands with all the peace and quiet around. It's a very lovely place to live.

I've got to go before my auntie comes to yank my pc off me.lool. Have a blessed day.


Thank you!