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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated


For a few days now I've been feeling really good and happy not for any material reason (if I must add I'm not currently in the happiest moment of my life materially) but Jesus makes me smiling everyday. Every morning I speak with him he gives me reasons to smile and return each day in appreciation.

Recently and in my previous post. My friends and I attended CRE (a Christian exhibition) and we came back with lots of ideas and information to get us started one of which was Disability Sunday (5th June 2011 around the UK). We came back thinking of how to get the disabled or special-needs in our Church involved in activities, by using the special Sunday for them they'll feel really Special.

I was reading a new novel (as usual) but this time by a different author: Karen Kingsbury. I'm not so in love with her novel that much because it takes a while to get you really engaged; apparently, I seem to have patience with novels of this nature and reading lots of Francine rivers helped me more, but when it gets too much I get bored.
The point is I'm reading "Unlocked" (my first of her novels): It is about an autistic child and the good thing is he prayed a lot for everyone and even for those who acted weird to him just like Jesus did.

This got to me, we need to pray for this people. This boy in the novel got Unlocked even though it was medically proven he couldn't get normal again (I've not finished the novel but it gets better). God can certainly help all autistic people around us including those with Aspergyic syndrome (not sure of the spelling), mental illness, even depression. We really need to intercede for them. No matter how long it takes, God will gradually heal them all. Let's all pray towards disability Sunday that God will work miracles on that day. Amen

God bless you as you intercede. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thank you!

Thank you!

This is a word we say when we get something or a favour from someone but is it a word that is constantly in our hearts and lips to the one who loves us unconditionally?
My day in church today was splendid having to hear these words again, it seemed so fresh.
The Sunday School teacher gave an illustration of her past when she expected money from home for tuition in the UK and being expensive her parents could afford it. She never got to say Thank God or Thank you Jesus for tuition or clothing or shelter or for food. She realised how much she never said thank you Lord when she couldn't afford food or clothes because her parents couldn't afford to send her money anymore.

This was touching man! It made me go down memory lane and truthfully I've not ever said Thank you Lord for tuition (specifically). Most of my mates at Uni were fending for themselves and had to pay their way through Uni (self funded) but I had Parents who could afford the fee and are willing to see me through to any stage of education but what do I do? I complain and moan and ask God for more.
I learnt today that I should thank God for even the little thing in my life. For air, water, for a smile, for happiness, for the Church (very important), for my Friends (they are very dear), for how he made me (because we are fearfully and wonderfully made), for Jesus (if not for him we'll have no hope of eternal life), for Salvation (so rich and free - everything comes with this), for healing....etc.
And the most important thanksgiving is Thanking God when you are in trouble (Yeah, easier said than done but it works).

Here goes a short testimony as an illustration:

During my last months at Uni, I was working on my project and I was so into the source code that I forgot to backup (Sad!) but I thought, well I've got some copy on my flash drive and my external HDD (sadly, they were not up-to-date). My three year-old pc decided to end its life during my project implementation (If you are a programmer or a DB admin, u'll relate to this very well). All my programs lost, my Database server was on that pc and I had no additional installation of the tools used (so I thought). Deadline was approaching and I still hadn't figured out a way to display the fingerprint on screen (it was a biometric application).
I burst out crying and something reminded me to Praise God. All I was saying was "Thank you Jesus it broke down. Thank you because this project will be great. Thank you because I'll have a new and better pc probably a mac" (lol, well I didn't say that)... but I cried as I said thank God.
The next day I reluctantly turned it on and guess what? Praise worked.. God granted my heart desire even when all I did was say Thank you. Finally I backed up my work.

Appreciation to God is the greatest tool to a miracle. I know it may be difficult a-times but we've got to try no matter how hard it may seem.

I'd like anyone with similar testimony to please share with us because it uplifts me (and others).

Have a blessed week.


Thank you!

It's been a while

I was thinking what about what to write on my blog because it's been a while I updated it but really I have so much to say. I'll do a bit because it's late (don't check the time posted.. yeah I know, one of those days).

Today was quite interesting. I didn't know I'll end up having such a wonderful day. Hey! actually I meant yesterday.
I had to attend this business startup event at Excel London which was surprisingly free of charge and I didn't think I'll make it. Actually, prior to the day a dear friend of mine called me and she informed me of this event and I got interested, booked my ticket and planned leaving early. Well, it didn't work out as planned.
I ended up getting there midday or just before midday and there were lots of people as expected. The bit that triggered me to act quickly was the number of exhibitors. Seriously yea, why shouldn't my company be part of the exhibitors? A question I asked myself.. I got really intrigued and inspired. Hehe!
One of the exhibitors had this software for developing a business plan and helping you calculate your growth within a couple of years with a report function. To me the software made know sense because this is something obviously done using Visual studio DE and probably SQL server reporting tool (Analytical - i think). Anyone could have done it on excel. The question in my head was: Why can't I do something like that? Someone did Windows, someone did iPhone and iPad, someone designed the electric bulb, someone was known for his constant struggle even when he failed; today he is known for his success.. These people are my icons, they inspire me in many ways because they speak to me.

This is one of my influencers. Ben Carson, one of the best neurosurgeons' in the world. Works at John Hopkins Hospital 
This my blog is one boring one but yea, the interesting bit is I attended a friend's birthday party. It was really interesting and fun. It's really good to go out once in a while and have some fun it keeps you refreshed. I'm a bit tired now.

More posts coming your way today I guess. Until then remain blessed and don't forget to Study to show thyself Approved unto God.


Thank you!

So far...

... I can say thank you Lord for the journey. As usual it hasn't been easy but my yesterday made me understand how much appreciation I lacked. I really need to be thankful for what I have and help to give as well. I attended this Christian exhibition with a couple of close friends from church and the bits that struck me most were the like passions we all had towards the gospel of Christ.
We all came back with loads of ideas on how to help people in the world in the most possible way. We are ready to explode and to turn the hearts of young generations coming to God (By HIS grace).
A lot of the ideas put forward for Church, personal and business use in the near future should yield its profit, again by HIS grace.
Although we came back exhausted but we are grateful we attended the event and we are looking forward to next year's event because more people will come along with us.
I wouldn't have been able to make it due to ill-health but I struggled to get there.. and I must say I almost fainted cos I couldn't get to eat before leaving home cos I was running late (I know), well, thank God I survived.

Last night I returned home with a heart of gratitude to God for who I am and what he has made of me. I may not have great IQ like Albert Einstein or great innovative idea like Steve Jobs but I know with the little talent he has given me I am going to put all my best and my trust on him.. I'll defo get there by HIS grace.

Lately and as usual I have been reading Francine Rivers novel and this one I may have mentioned is Her Daughters Hope. This book has made me learn so much in less than a week. Now I can learn to rely solely on God for whatever thing I require. Most especially, right now I pray for God's choice of a life partner; I am relying on him for this.
Previously, I have used my knowledge in searching for "The One" but it all failed. I realise now that if God is not in my plan it doesn't go well at all. I've done mine and it failed but God never fails. Sometimes it takes a while for God's plan to unfold and you could go through the rigours of this world to get there but with Prayer, Persistence and Patience (I sincerely lack this) you'll get to your destination Happily.

That having been said, it's time to say Goodbye.


Thank you!

Moments of Truth

I walk, run and think,
I pause and reminisce,
It all comes back like a flash of lightning

In the quest of true love I miss the mark
Now I try to walk back to find my course
But waves of sin erased my footprint and all I can think is Death

He told me how much he loved me and gave me all good things
It didn't last for long I must say,
Soon greater torments, turmoil, and turbulent sea were my daily bread
Who could I cry to?

I did not forget how the pleasant man wanted me so badly and fought for me,
He gave everything to have me but I was blinded by what seemed good
The cruel man lured me with every asset I thought were His unknown to me he was a Thief

I pleaded everyday for his freedom but all he did was bound me in chains
I was torn and was taken aback when my chains broke free
I was free to go but didn't know where

All I do is cry and pray for a miracle
I should have waited for true love
And now it's the moment of truth

I neglected the pleasant man
Stupid and vain I was
All I wanted was the wealth of this world neglecting true happiness
I was impatient to true love

Now I stop running, I sit still
A hand guides me to safety
In his arms I feel love
I have missed his warmth
He speaks with a sweet voice and makes me go gaga
All I want to do is to love him with all my heart
To never let him go
To grab him with ample strength
And to tell him my moment of truth of my proud love to him

Now this moment I want to say "I love you Jesus"

This applies to every Christian and it is important for you to wait for God's word before you make a mistake of fallen in love with the wrong person most especially the Devil.
I write this in my depressed moments and all I can say: "Even though the devil afflicts my body or tries to deceive me, the Lord is always there to uphold me and will not let me go".


Thank you!

One of those days...

It's been a while since I saw a Nolly or Golly wood movie.. Today I saw one titled "I broke my Heart". It was kind of self-explanatory and I thought I could tell the end of it from the beginning but I was wrong till it was about ending then I got the picture and could tell what the end would be.
Anyway, about the beginning some girl was trying to explain what kind of man she'd want, someone who would take her on a "Yauch" instead of Yacht and a wardrobe full of "Done Krone" instead of Doran Karan (New York).. This was hilarious.
It got me thinking actually because these days all we hear from our friends (speaking as a girl) is a "Wealthy man. He has to be loaded" they say.. Sometimes ladies need to look beyond wealth cos I've met a couple of seemingly Rich guys who do not have an iota of respect for women. Good looking guys not an exemption. Then worse Good looking and rich.. Oh my! they make you feel useless.
Not that there aren't good ones there but most of them exhibit these traits. It's best you keep your mind open to God's will cos if you have the one who is Rich not good looking and loves you, cool; poor and really loves you, cool; poor, ugly and respects you, cool; rich, good looking and respects you, very good; Rich, good looking and loves God, best.
If he loves God, he'll respect you. That's why it is best to pray before you make your decision on this life commitment issue.

I'm still in the mood of prayer. Hehe! Hope you all still got your blessings intact? Anyway, just thought to share some tips with you. Actually, I forgot what I was meant to

Have a good evening with all God's blessing.


Thank you!


It was amazing.. It's been ages I felt God's presence take over so many people at the same time. AF Youth Camp 2011 was a blast of God's blessing. A lot of people got saved and allowed Christ to rule their lives.
And then I asked myself: Did I also experience it? Not until that Sunday night... I prayed with people and they all got it but Sunday night made a difference in my life. I gave my all back to my maker.

If you are yet to get this experience and you are still thinking or confused don't be; go for it. If you need help you can ask for this privately. I am willing to pray for anyone who intends to get it.

Sunday School for age 20 upwards
God really loves us man! God is just so wonderful.. He did it for almost all the Youths who attended Camp it was a special revival at Kidderminster and I pray it will be in your life.

I'm still tired.. trying to get back into the hustle and bustle of my daily life but it's pretty hard. I still feel sleepy but I'm in the mood of prayer and still praying God helps everyone to keep this blessing. Do not let go if you already have it; hold on to it cos it's priceless (just as a friend wrote on facebook).

God bless you all as you continue your walk with him.

A clip from Talent Show during Youth camp @ Kidderminster (2011)


Thank you!