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Celery shrimp boat

I got back with my home making today after struggling with weighty bags of shopping from Beckton on the DLR, out the station to my flat. My shoulders ached as I prayed for strength, it has been one hectic week. 
So, I felt like I was up for the kitchen but to do something pretty easy. I got on my recipe app and found how to prepare this snack so I got to it. The shrimp sauce tastes great!

All you need:
Celery sticks 
Cooked, peeled prawns
Green onions about three
Three tablespoons of orange juice
Fromage blanc
Sea salt
Some seasoning

Put all but the celery sticks into your food processor, cut up the sticks to form a boat and pour content of food processor on. That's it! Divine!!

I hate celery but I tried this out and it wasn't so bad. I need an alternative to celery though. Still can't finish two sticks left on my plate.


Thank you!