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I am appalled

I still can't believe the amount if racists still in this world and some people say, "if a black said that, they won't call them racist" I don't support racism but to be fair, the blacks have been tagged bad too long and this has rubbed off on the world. People have suffered and died trying to buy their rights. Slavery days are over and people should live united because one God made the black and white to have a beautiful world. We all make the colours of the world. We all addd beauty to God's creation. Why spoil it with negativity and cynicism? I read this on Facebook and was really appalled:

"dumb asses like jenny kennedy are the problem,she immediately falls for the obvious propaganda(old propaganda)and takes the side of anyone but her own race.dumb white females believing the jewish media the last 50 yrs is whats gotten our country and race into such decline.and tell me jenny,whats point does the"poem"make?another anti-white hit piece is all i africa blacks kill blacks and last time i checked most black nations there were kept alive via food aid from white taxpayers in america and nice footnote:if we die out,you die out because you cant survive without us."

I'll excuse the cusses but I beg pardon for anyone who thinks this way, the world can't live without the nations. And No, there are not many Black nations on food aid, there are the proper wealthy ones. In the white nation, whites kill whites, if the white nation dies, the blacks will survive because they are hardworking. And if the black dies the white will survive because they can find a way out. Please people stop this racist comments and behaviour, it's not helping the worldddddd!!!


Thank you!