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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

My great yesterday

I promised the devil two days ago that I would laugh so hard at him and I DID IT yesterday. I laughed and laughed, oh it felt so good. He tried to take testimony out of my mouth, I told him my victory just started.

I prayed and prayed prior to the laughter. It felt like God was listening but didn't want to say a word. At some point I almost blasphemed, I was frustrated, my faith giving way but I realised it was the trick of the devil. I prayed again, this time using praise, I apologised for my frustration and asked for more grace and FAITH. I needed all I could get.
I studied the word, did three chapters instead of my usual two. During the study of the third, I felt sleepy, I barely kept my eyes open to finish it up. Then a deeeeeep sleep enveloped me. You know in Genesis God caused a deep sleep on Adam? That was the kind. Never slept so much during the day and I wasn't tired.

By the time I woke up, my strength renewed, I felt fresh in the spirit. I was all smiles and grins. It felt so good. I knew my problems were still there but God gave me a promise in my dream and I woke up feeling like I just won the lottery of £10,000,000. Wow, it felt so good to begin laughing at the devil right then. I had to go out to check if my prayers had been answered so quickly but I knew it hadn't. I got to the centre and found others waiting, I began encouraging people. Previously, I was the one who needed encouragement, now I gave it to others. I told them 'have faith, it won't be long' oh yeah? I needed that but I gave it because Christ was in me, and he gives joy when he lives within. Amen.

I am still laughing at the devil. The devil thought he had me, hahaha but Christ bought me and I am his most treasured possession.. Can you beat that? I am all high in the spirit and it will go on till the next week because Jesus bore my pain and took my sorrow to the grave, he rose up and it was gone. Hallelujah!!! 


Thank you!