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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Out of the world

I have been cut out of the world again following recent events in my life. Just incase you do not know, I am still in Africa and got couple of weeks, almost a month left to return to now-hot England (can't wait). 
I have been in the spirit of prayer because it is summer camp time with The Lord at all my churches around the world. The UK camp is coming to an end and the Nigeria one will kick off soon. I should be attending about a week of the Nigeria one as I have to return to work.
I have limited blogging on my Poetry for now due to this and down in New Jersey, a convention is going on and I pray The Lord visits them as they start tomorrow. This as well has been part of my prayers.
I may not be effective on here for a while. Please do bear with me. Just to let you know, I finished my study of the book of Proverbs and Corinthians yesterday! That took like a month. Thank God. I am now studying Ecclesiastes, Matthew and some Genesis. Join me if you can and let's talk God. Hehe. Blessings to you and yours!


Thank you!