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I am not worried - What a joke!

A friend told me not to worry and I was like yeah, I'm not worried.
I tell me, really? What a joke! I was worried, still am. I have spent most of my day praying.
After every miracle and victory there is always another battle ahead. It never stops, it goes on in a cycle. Sometimes I pray and I say: "God why not this one month, problem free".. It never really works that way. I guess the higher you go spiritually, the more battles you are expected to fight because God gives his strongest soldiers, the toughest battles. Yes! I am a perfect example of that statement. The more I pray "Lord, I want to grow in Grace", I see me growing and then BANG! a battle... I see all my statements eating back at me. "Oh you think you've got faith, now, here! deal with it". I whine, cry, pray, retreat, I do all and sundry, in the end, I give in to GOD's DIVINE WILL. Praise God!
I am still praying and this time, it is a marathon one. The one Moses went up to the mountain and came down with his face shining. Yes, that type. I am not going to spare the enemy one minute to laugh at me, NO WAY! Thank God for Grace, Jesus and most importantly PRAYER.


Thank you!