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Those statements that get you thinking straight

You know those statements that get you thinking straight? They are mostly very short sentences. 
I got one through Facebook today and it was like 'wow'. I quickly put a mental note on.
It said: how long will you let pain keep you from being happy
I'm not sure it was said that way though, this is the British version of the American English lol.
Anyway, I got thinking. And I'm so praying that the pain I may have in my heart do not rub off on others
I want people around me to be happy and not follow suit in my inner sadness. I call it inner sadness
Because I am not externally sad, people can't see it even if I tell it. I only know it and feel it and keep it, 
Those who are closest to me however, can feel my pain too and those are the people I am more 
Concerned about. 

So yeah, it's time to LET GO AND LET GOD. If you are like me, I'll advice you to do same. 
Let it go to the cross and you'll be rejoicing everyday. I am going to go on a retreat for this because 
I need help and that help comes only from the Man up there. I know by the time it's done, I'll be smiling. I don't 
Know when this will be but it sure will be done soon enough. I encourage you to do same. 
I'll try to share all I'll be doing on my retreat, I am not promising this though because I may forget. :)



Thank you!