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What leaving London caused me

Who ever knew leaving London for so long could make you forget the usual routes to the usual places you always went to.
On my way to church this morning, I'm writing this on the train I finally got to get on. I checked my journey this morning due to engineering works, I had a feeling it might affect my journey to church. I went on the tfl website and found the route, only to realise I read the information wrong. Well, I had started out. I got on the DLR from my station and got off at Westferry. What I did not read was that I had to change platform for a train going to Lewisham. I got off the train and walked out the station looking for bus stop T with bus 177 that doesn't go the way of Westferry. What was I thinking? Something prompted me to check again after 15 minutes of walking around, then I was like "man, what did you do?" I can only laugh and pray I don't turn up late because I am heading the AV team at the Peckham branch today. Argh!! Why do I have to do PM today?

Have a blessed Sunday. 


Thank you!