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Why am I a Christian?

A friend shared this video on a facebook page and I thought to share it with you too.

This question is very vital in every Christian life. Some people are Christians because they were born Christian but I am a Christian because I have been and still I'm saved by Grace. The story of my life and his divine touch in my life has brought me down to my knees in appreciation and worship of his awesomeness.
Although born a Christian, I always asked myself why we had to do certain things. I was born and bred in one of these old churches known as the fundamentalists founded by Florence Crawford (Apostolic Faith Mission).. This church has been since 1907, it birthed from the 1906 Azusa street revival organised by William J. Seymour. I loved how my church was so historian - kind of a vintage feel but I never understood why my church was so different compared to all other churches in Africa (back then).
We all did everything different while normal black churches were up and going, very up beat etc. I felt restricted especially as a growing teen and worse, my parents won't have me 'misbehave' (in their terms). I did what they wanted me to do just to please them. The time came for me to leave home, I left far away.. I went across ocean and came to live in England. Then I truly understood why I am a Christian. I wasn't much of a Christian though, I should say my parents did a good job in bringing me up so I had good morals but that was no where near Christianity. I saw myself doing things I shouldn't be doing but the day came when God spoke to me.

When God speaks to you, his voice is clear and distinct. It can't be denied, you'll know of a truth God has caught up with you. That was what he did. He spoke to me in such a manner that no one else could. He said: "Do you love the world more than me?" I knew in my heart of hearts I didn't love God as much as expected. He'd done soooo much for me to walk out of his life. He was just too much for me to deny him. He had calmed so many storms in my life, he'd been there for my family, for me and he was still there for me in my Sin.

I had to give it up to him.

The peace afterwards was overwhelming. It was not a perfect moment after I returned to God but I tell you, There's a peace that comes into your heart and lives with you at all times, that peace, you can never get from anyone else but God.

I can boldly say I am a Christian by Grace
*Watch out for the novel about my walk with God.. The complete story coming soon! with others included*


Thank you!