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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Been in the Realm

Recently, I have been a bit down, not talking much and doing much (kind of good). I've been in high spirit.. It got to a point everything just didn't seem okay, like the world was against me. I felt so alone but I thank God for God.
He reminded me he was there.
I had a chat with someone really close and that person hurt me so deeply. The words they said of me, I never felt so offended in my life that I cried through the night. I was prettty useless to myself the following day.
Went into Uni to do some work and I couldn't concentrate, although the person called earlier to apologise and suggested we meet to talk but sincerely speaking, I don't want to talk about it.
I am human and it's right to get offended but as a Christian, I have to forgive because if I harbour it, it becomes hatred and that may give that person power over me. Yes! Power.. When you hate someone, that person changes your mood whenever you see them, meaning they've the power over you. If they succeed in changing your mood, they've succeeded in controlling a part of you.
So Yes, I forgive that person but forgetting it is something that will need Grace.

There's a saying that everything happens for a reason. I o believe that.
In the wake of this 'anger-event', I got closer to God. God is my best friend, my teacher, my father, my sibling, my mother, my lover and everything. He is the only one who never lets me down! I had to rekindle and strengthen my sweet fellowship with my BFF and like always he was there to listen.

I began preparing myself for my future husband. There is the saying, if you want someone to behave in a certain manner, you hav to first work on yourself ( okay, maybe ht came from me) but yeah, I am beginning to learn of the bible women. What did they do differently, what did they have tat I don't? What qualifies them to be so special? How did they succeed as women of faith?

My Journey starts with Ruth (you probably thinking why not Sarah? I'll come to her later).
Yesterday was Ruth chapter 1, I read that after my devotion and it was so spirit filled. I prayed, prayed and gave God thanks for his word.
I'll share some of Ruth 1 notes with you later.
For now, remain blessed!


Thank you!