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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Cloud 9

I know some people are in Cloud 9 when they get married or are about to. Well, I am in Cloud 9 should I say my first although it has nothing to do with getting married.
About some weeks ago I felt I didn't know my stand with God anymore, I was angry at the world and angry with everything... I cried often and was depressed. I realised I needed to be straight with God to get that happiness and peace. When that happened, life couldn't be any worse.. but I smiled through it (although I did cry at some point but Hey, I realised what??? That's what the devil wishes for me.. I'll keep praying and smiling through the storm).

The Result:
I felt God had so much pity for me.. He looked down in mercy and helped is beloved daughter out of all her problems. I am smiling all the time now, whether I'm offended or not (infact, I barely get offended these days). God has been awesomely good!!! He's worked with me through my difficult tasks and made me see every reason of every day to smile with him (did I say that??) I am excited boy!

Well, you might want to join me in Cloud 9 too!! Bless you.


Thank you!