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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

When you are hurt... the person you love; it hits you more than anything else. I've been pretty useless throughout today and tomorrow is a busy day for me. I should be preparing for tomorrow, but I can't. I'm ill suffering from chest pain. How terrible can this be?

I defo need God's grace to carry on. Oh, I felt like watching a film and I remembered "Sound of Music" I love the songs and I've been playing the scenes in my head even before seeing it. Lol. You know when you like a movie or film (you replay the scenes, the songs and you just remember all the funny bits and the interesting scenes you just can't stop watching) that's the way I felt watching it again. Just like yesterday, when I was a little girl and watching those kids sing, now an adult and one day will have my own kids (I pray not seven though).
I'm really trying not to think about this whole episode of Monday that got me really upset. I've never felt so disappointed, betrayed and hurt before. It's so sad and disappointing when those who you didn't expect that much hurt to come from eventually hurt you.

Lessons learnt: Never expect too much from people, they'll never cease to disappoint you.. It's best you underestimate people for them to surprise you than for you to overestimate their worth and they throw it in your face.


Thank you!