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It was amazing.. It's been ages I felt God's presence take over so many people at the same time. AF Youth Camp 2011 was a blast of God's blessing. A lot of people got saved and allowed Christ to rule their lives.
And then I asked myself: Did I also experience it? Not until that Sunday night... I prayed with people and they all got it but Sunday night made a difference in my life. I gave my all back to my maker.

If you are yet to get this experience and you are still thinking or confused don't be; go for it. If you need help you can ask for this privately. I am willing to pray for anyone who intends to get it.

Sunday School for age 20 upwards
God really loves us man! God is just so wonderful.. He did it for almost all the Youths who attended Camp it was a special revival at Kidderminster and I pray it will be in your life.

I'm still tired.. trying to get back into the hustle and bustle of my daily life but it's pretty hard. I still feel sleepy but I'm in the mood of prayer and still praying God helps everyone to keep this blessing. Do not let go if you already have it; hold on to it cos it's priceless (just as a friend wrote on facebook).

God bless you all as you continue your walk with him.

A clip from Talent Show during Youth camp @ Kidderminster (2011)

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  1. Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!Just feel God can do anything now!!! My faith has grown bigger because of this Youth Camp.
    Thanks for posting that little clip wish you had the whole thing, it was POWERFUL!


Thank you!