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Thank you!

This is a word we say when we get something or a favour from someone but is it a word that is constantly in our hearts and lips to the one who loves us unconditionally?
My day in church today was splendid having to hear these words again, it seemed so fresh.
The Sunday School teacher gave an illustration of her past when she expected money from home for tuition in the UK and being expensive her parents could afford it. She never got to say Thank God or Thank you Jesus for tuition or clothing or shelter or for food. She realised how much she never said thank you Lord when she couldn't afford food or clothes because her parents couldn't afford to send her money anymore.

This was touching man! It made me go down memory lane and truthfully I've not ever said Thank you Lord for tuition (specifically). Most of my mates at Uni were fending for themselves and had to pay their way through Uni (self funded) but I had Parents who could afford the fee and are willing to see me through to any stage of education but what do I do? I complain and moan and ask God for more.
I learnt today that I should thank God for even the little thing in my life. For air, water, for a smile, for happiness, for the Church (very important), for my Friends (they are very dear), for how he made me (because we are fearfully and wonderfully made), for Jesus (if not for him we'll have no hope of eternal life), for Salvation (so rich and free - everything comes with this), for healing....etc.
And the most important thanksgiving is Thanking God when you are in trouble (Yeah, easier said than done but it works).

Here goes a short testimony as an illustration:

During my last months at Uni, I was working on my project and I was so into the source code that I forgot to backup (Sad!) but I thought, well I've got some copy on my flash drive and my external HDD (sadly, they were not up-to-date). My three year-old pc decided to end its life during my project implementation (If you are a programmer or a DB admin, u'll relate to this very well). All my programs lost, my Database server was on that pc and I had no additional installation of the tools used (so I thought). Deadline was approaching and I still hadn't figured out a way to display the fingerprint on screen (it was a biometric application).
I burst out crying and something reminded me to Praise God. All I was saying was "Thank you Jesus it broke down. Thank you because this project will be great. Thank you because I'll have a new and better pc probably a mac" (lol, well I didn't say that)... but I cried as I said thank God.
The next day I reluctantly turned it on and guess what? Praise worked.. God granted my heart desire even when all I did was say Thank you. Finally I backed up my work.

Appreciation to God is the greatest tool to a miracle. I know it may be difficult a-times but we've got to try no matter how hard it may seem.

I'd like anyone with similar testimony to please share with us because it uplifts me (and others).

Have a blessed week.


Thank you!