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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

On a Journey

Yes, I'm on a journey. It has been a hectic week and finally I get to attend the AFM Youth camp which started yesterday. I feel so sad because I was meant to play an important role at one of the programmes this morning and I wasn't there to help my dear friends. I love them so much and I pray it all goes well. Hopefully i'll be there shortly.

I kind of feel good on this Virgin Train. It's ironic, after working at this company for a couple of months I get to be a passenger (no staff discount.. Sad!) but hey I did get a discount woohoo (YP railcard).

A whole lot has happened to me and I'm grateful to God anyway and being hopeful as well.

Feedback coming on the progress of Youth Camp. I know the Lord will manifest even more this time.

Hey before I go I just got some new novels from the greatest best selling Christian Author: Francine rivers. This is more like her family history (Her mother's hope and Her Daughter's dream). You might want to check it out but first read her first (Redeeming love - it's Deep).

The love and peace of our Lord be with you.


Thank you!