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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

It's been a while

I was thinking what about what to write on my blog because it's been a while I updated it but really I have so much to say. I'll do a bit because it's late (don't check the time posted.. yeah I know, one of those days).

Today was quite interesting. I didn't know I'll end up having such a wonderful day. Hey! actually I meant yesterday.
I had to attend this business startup event at Excel London which was surprisingly free of charge and I didn't think I'll make it. Actually, prior to the day a dear friend of mine called me and she informed me of this event and I got interested, booked my ticket and planned leaving early. Well, it didn't work out as planned.
I ended up getting there midday or just before midday and there were lots of people as expected. The bit that triggered me to act quickly was the number of exhibitors. Seriously yea, why shouldn't my company be part of the exhibitors? A question I asked myself.. I got really intrigued and inspired. Hehe!
One of the exhibitors had this software for developing a business plan and helping you calculate your growth within a couple of years with a report function. To me the software made know sense because this is something obviously done using Visual studio DE and probably SQL server reporting tool (Analytical - i think). Anyone could have done it on excel. The question in my head was: Why can't I do something like that? Someone did Windows, someone did iPhone and iPad, someone designed the electric bulb, someone was known for his constant struggle even when he failed; today he is known for his success.. These people are my icons, they inspire me in many ways because they speak to me.

This is one of my influencers. Ben Carson, one of the best neurosurgeons' in the world. Works at John Hopkins Hospital 
This my blog is one boring one but yea, the interesting bit is I attended a friend's birthday party. It was really interesting and fun. It's really good to go out once in a while and have some fun it keeps you refreshed. I'm a bit tired now.

More posts coming your way today I guess. Until then remain blessed and don't forget to Study to show thyself Approved unto God.


Thank you!