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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Back to School

After four years of study for both undergraduate and postgraduate (taught) studies, I find myself back to Uni again doing my research. I went up to Canterbury for registration today, never been there and I love it. Murder in the cathedral by T.S. Eliot played in my head as I approached Canterbury. What a lovely town to live in? 

I am most grateful to God for all he did today. My day wasn't so great but in the end God turned it into a joyous one for me. I'm literally smiling here because someone beside me is making me laugh in side, I wish I can laugh out really loud, I would. So, I almost missed the coach back to London because I was helping someone find an accommodation in Canterbury, a new international student. I prayed silently in my heart as I boarded the bus back to the city centre to catch my coach. I prayed God will cause some serious delay and he did! I met hold-up as I approached the city centre and I was like omd I have missed it, I partially believed my prayers. I was literally 5mins late but God did hear my prayers. I got there and met a queue, asked a guy if it was the London coach and the time, he confirmed, I'm sure he wondered why I smiled. I said a little thank you to God right there.

I got on the coach and met this young pretty lady by my side. She brought out her iPad and I brought mine out too to type this post. As I tried to type my elbow touched her sleeve and she moved further in as if I've got a disease or something. I noticed she put all her stuff together away from me, then she locked her iPad. By the way, she is white, so I was like "oh, a racist" well, I just smiled and I'm so gassed right now, I want to laugh out loud because these people make me laugh. Why would anyone think themselves better just because they've got a different skin colour from another? God doesn't care if you are black, green, white, brown, whatever he causes the rain and sun to shine on all of us because he created the world and put these colours in to beautify the earth. I don't understand why one creature as equal as me would think themselves greater.. I am having the fun of my life right now, laughing within. Well got to go now. I pray your weekend is blessed too and more testimonies like mine. 



Thank you!