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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

I didn't know it was still there

Not until I read a convo yesterday, I didn't know I had this pain in my heart for so long. I'm beginning to think, "what can I do?" Btw, it is 3am in London with the autumn wind breezing through my walls somehow. I can't sleep. I worry. But hey, why worry when you can worship? Is what's in my heart right now. So I need to get cracking on my work (got a client's job hanging) then I'll figure out the rest. Did I just say "I'll figure?" No! God will! It's the Lord's day, and I'm going right on so blessed. I'll walk straight to the altar and make my request known to God after praises that is. 
I will not give in to this hurt even when my eye is heavy and raindrops of tears are just near my tear ducts, I won't give the devil another reason to smile or laugh. God has got me.

That goes for you too reader. God has got you! Don't give in to what the devil is saying. "You can go through this victorious!" Got to run now as three minutes has just been spent without planning for it. God bless you as you worship in his presence.


Thank you!