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Twists Out!

Finally got to do it. I am fully dedicating my hair to its naturality. Let's do it!

My Regime
Preshampoo with Dabur Vatica
Then prew-washed with shampoo prior to detoxing
My hair at this time needed tlc.. just after taking out braids
I didn't have my usual apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda so I used:
Lime and very little amount of salt they are both good for cleansing.
This was my first time ever
Then shampoo which had Ginger for dealing with dry and over worked scalp. It did soothe my scalp
After shampoo, I deep conditioned with some henna and placenta extract and olive oil too.
After the washing process came the twisting one.

Twisting process
I used water moisturiser on my damp hair.
Then involved glycerine to lock in the moisture after sprinkling some rose water to my scalp
Pre twist:I used carrot oil first
while damp, I began the twist with shea butter.
During twisting I ensured the two parts did not mix in the process because it messes up the entire twist out.
I left it on for five days to get the perfect curls

Taking out the Twists
I took each each  twist out with Olive oil on my fingers to give it a glossy look and help my scalp.
I detangled gently leaving each part
to stay out.
It turned out as planned but I wish I have a longer hair.


  1. It is so cool. Carrot oil is the bomb, started using carrot seed oil.

    how do you Cleanse?

  2. I think carrot oil and Shea butter did it for me.

    I added lime to water, squeezed out the juice of two... The water should be quite warm not hot and quarter tea spoon of salt for proper detoxing. Normally, I use baking soda as a mask on my hair and rinse with apple cider vinegar and a table spoon of lemon juice to help cleanse thoroughly.

  3. To my lime regime

    I rinsed hair with the mixture after due tangling and parting with my fingers, then poured gradually through scalp ensuring it reached every area.


Thank you!