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Hello Hair

We are at it again. Did some pretty random stuff on my hair this time. I haven't tried this mixture but I trust it will be good. Can't stop experimenting till I am satisfied.
So I took out my cornrows and washed my hair. I couldn't detox yet again :( however, I did hot oil treatment in addition to my regular shampooing and Pre-poo.

Protein and hot oil treatment
To my henna conditioner, I added one egg. (So unusual but I tried it!) I hate the smell of egg, I wonder how I didn't puke during the process but my bathroom did smell of egg for quite a considerable length of time. Anyway, I left the conditioner for a little longer than usual because my hair needed TLC - 10 minutes. Afterwards, rinsed out thoroughly and proceeded from protein to hot oil treatment.
After the usual warm of macadamia oil which went on while I washed my hair, I put it on my scalp and massaged through. It kind of felt good. But next time, I'll try a mix of coconut and olive oil. Then I warmed my hair to allow it go through my scalp.

I wrapped in cling film, or you can warm a towel and wrap hair in. I used a blow dryer over it to aid the process. It lasted for a little over 5 minutes.
I rinsed, I did NOT wash although some do. It washes out the oil and it becomes pointless. Use not so very warm water, better, cold water to rinse. This opens the cuticle after initially closing it with mid hot water during washing.

My hair wash was done and the usual ritual of adding coconut oil, carrot oil to the scalp and glycerine to seal moisture took place.

And I was back to the salon for a protective styling.

Did I mention my hair grew two inches longer than normal? I am so loving giving my hair TLC. Hehehe.


Thank you!