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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

Morning Rhythms

You may have read this on my website but this poem was one straight from the heart writing during one of my best times of the day. I love mornings, they are new and fresh.. it kind of tells the perfect day. I wrote this yesterday 24th of May (One of my best friends birthday) I'm tempted to say previous but best friends are forever. Yes, previous because we parted ways about 10 years ago.. we are still friends but miles apart. We spent the later part of our childhood days together and our early teens before she left for the States but that was way back in Africa.. Today we are all connected with ermmm American and British Spellings.. Lol, time differences... Rebtel calls once in a while and google chat. I love her like my sister but losing touch has kind of messed things up a bit. There's always one thing you never forget; the good times. She was so kind and sweet. We were pretty close back then and we did keep in touch for a while when she left for the States, after sometime communication got really bad but we tried. Now, I really don't know, all I do know is that I still really love my friend and wish we could still be close.
Okay, in all that mood I realise I've got exam.. I got scared, studied pretty hard and went to bed only to wake up an hour and a half before the exam starts.. Rushed out quickly, got on the train, thank God the location was easy to find because I just trailed behind students I guessed were going to same venue. Got out of the exam hall  two and the half hours later.. and this poem is remembered. I love the LORD because he makes me SMILE all the TIME. I PRAY he does same for my FRIEND whose birthday was same day, she turned 25. I PRAY a loving and God-fearing man will get married to her really soon (please God when I have money to fly to the US though) and give her PRETTY kids like herself and surround her with all blessings she has asked. Also, God please bless the person reading this now and smiling at the thought of my friend... :)

A wake up to the rattling of tea cups on the saucer, the sauce pan moving around the burner, the birds chirping, squirrels chittering, crickets stridulating and all the rhythms of nature. It is unlike the rhythm in my heart, the rhythm of uncertainty for the day. There is one who perfects in a tandem of rhythm no matter how it sounds to make it a beautiful symphony. And I know the rhythm of my heart will blend in that harmony when the creator of the rhythm of nature perfects and gives a better rhythm in my heart. The rhythm of joy.
Wishing you all a fulfilled day. God bless you.x


Thank you!