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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

As bright as the Sun

As I tapped in the title of this post, I thought of a poem... I sure will write something on that title so expect another As Bright As the Sun.
Today was so warm and bright, as I stepped out of my block I wished I stepped out earlier. Had so much to do and going to the market? Well, I wasn't down for it but I had no choice. Opened my fridge this morning to get something to eat and realised it was practically empty. I prayed to God to direct my day because I really had to do all my laundry, cooking and studying. Guess what? I'm almost done with all I had to do. God truly put some sunshine in my heart today n he made me quickly finish my task, I even had spare time to prepare Cherry Sorbet which I might take to church tomorrow. It's taking too long to freeze. Anyway, I feel so sleepy now.. I guess all I wanted to say is, never stop asking God because just when you don't expect it, Bang! It will happen. Watch out on, new stuff coming soon too. Do not forget to prepare your heart for tomorrow's worship, God is going to bless in an unusual way.. Listen to every word, that might just be what you need to carry on.


Thank you!