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How firm?

As a little girl. I grew up to walk side by side with my Dad. Always wanting to go with him everywhere.
On one of those occasions I went with my Dad to his building site and I remember the builders were fixing the window frames but my Dad wasn't sure of its rigidity and strength in case of a mishap. He asked one of the builders "how firm is this structure?"

That word "firm" goes a long way. If anything should go wrong trust is lost.

There's just one who can keep u firm
just one person who'd ensure your finance is firm
Just one person who'd ensure your marriage or relationship is firm
Just one person who'd ensure your life is firm
Just one person who'd assure you of a firm Salvation
And he is both the builder and the assurer
He'd give u far more than what an insurance company will give u back but u really don't need the insurance because he will never fail.
That person is Jesus but first how firm is your Faith in him?


Thank you!