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Random: From Africa

So I visit this company with a friend where she is to be interviewed for a job. The company direction looked dodgy initially and then we started out after a sumptuous meal at Shoprite.
We walked about 4 mins to get to the company. The external look wasn't pleasant and the environment very non-professional looking. We got in, walked up the stairs and we pressed the doorbell. The sound was not professional at all, it was some long ring that you'd hear at a student apartment (if they have any)... but seriously??? We got laughing from the door. The look of the office was okay to give some credit. The receptionist's computer wasn't a desktop but a worn-almost-dead laptop, she was practically doing nothing on it.
Then came a call and another receptionist takes the call and all she said was 'hello'.  No introduction of the company and greeting?
My best friend said during the interview the first question asked was "can we meet you?" seriously? That means introduce yourself. Then an interviewer tries to tell my friend about Australia he hasn't been but were my friend studied and worked for some years. Why do people think they know so much? Worse,  he had the wrong information... lol. I am so tired. My fingers are hurting from the long day.


Thank you!