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Prays, prays and relents

I'm sure many people have been in this situation expecting to hear from God so soon just like the microwave warms your food within the specified time you've set.
Oh well... Many will think God just works by the snap of your fingers. Yea, he does but not all the time. I was in this situation yesterday and this morning I woke up sick.

It's really a long story but most of the things I have to do today can't go on because of the mistake of yesterday. Sad!
You don't make a mess of your life and expect God to clean it up for you and when he doesn't he gets the blame. That's not how life is.
I've learnt a lot within 24 hours. I expected this 'magic' miracle and it didn't work out as planned. Prior to this I prayed for God's favour and a miracle. Something people forget is the strange thing about success. You have to work hard, go through speed-bumps, slow down, fuel your car (brain or some skills in this sense), carry on the road of success, go through hills and valleys then you'll get there. While on this journey it may get dark and you've got to drive fast to get to your destinations because of danger i.e. in life we've got to think fast, act smart, pray early before people pull u back from your plans.

God works with our plans and goals. He may not do it lightning fast but when he does it's like Boom and it's amazing even more than you'd expected.

I just had to share my experience and to tell you Never relent no matter how long the prayer is unanswered, it will surely be answered very very soon in God's time.

For now enjoy the rest of the Royal wedding holiday.


Thank you!