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M-odest, O-bverse of fashion norm, G-ood looking, U-rbane and E-ducated

How I spent my study time

Sometimes you don't wish to know. Other times you really want to and some other time, it's mixed feelings. Yesterday was one of those latter times and I don't know what to pray. Woke up about 2 am and was so worried sick about my clients and someone. I was in a dilemma with a client project and I didn't know how to fix it but that didn't bother me as much as this someone did. I was concerned about the recent events in this someone's life (sorry can't mention names) and somehow I teared up because I was in the dark with the whole situation. Called to pray with this someone but I couldn't get the words out my throat, ended up saying a very short prayer and dropped the call, now that felt awkward. I was like "what did I just do?" Well, that didn't end my worry. I had to get on my knees to pray for all that worried me including my clients.


I woke up feeling good, stopped worrying and began worshipping God. My concern for this someone is still there but I'm not worried. I know it will fix itself somehow because God is alive. For my clients, hallelujah!! Yesterday began its victory.


Thank you!